The rusty dictionary of a young girl


She opened the old rusty dictionary that she found on a side road. While she was roaming around the pages of the rusty dictionary, she came across this quite odd word. She hasn’t heard it, yet it was the first time she saw that word that odd word was desolate a word that was the opposite of her lively soul our we thought. She rubbed her fingertips on the paper and read the definition out loud;




a state of complete emptiness or destruction, bleak emptiness, utterly wretched.

Abandoned bird nests.

A chewed gum on the floor.

A tiger rug.

A teddy bear with a red bow.

Fish that are frozen under the delicate ice layer.

A dead cat outside of the butcher.

A gypsy woman praying to the moon.

A grave under an oak tree.

The fallen angel.


A voice that’s not heard.

Bloody fists.

Those were the first things that came to her mind, not going to lie that was kind of familiar to her

Then she again started roaming around the dictionary and again, she came across this one word that was quite similar to the other one






Endless isolation.

A flower emerging from the concrete.

The only star blinking in the city night.

A swallow swinging in the dawn.

A garden with only an tree.

The bones of the antic creatures inside an abandoned museum.

The echoed sound of the wind.

A kitten with no mother.

An unconquered mountain.

An arrow with a rusty tip.

A ghost roaming around a subway.

Dead lovers.

Those were the things that filled her mind when she read the definition.

Those words were quite familiar to her. Why? Those words should be the feeling she felt nor her favorite words from her past life.

The feeling that was never reflected on the surface, the feeling that killed her from the inside that carved out the nightmares she had on those stary nights,

They were the definition of her old soul



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