The School Of New Generation

Do you like the theaching method with technology? In our time with the developed tegnology the education methods and understanding of children changed.With this change some new types of school started to form like the school that Elon Musk opened.

That school can have some benefits on the sides of students and teachers as you know we are in technology age and many of the teenagers are online. Because of that they understand the informations and analyse them better when they see something technological and this is so beneficial for the grown ups and for teachers.

And another benefits of these type of technoological school is that the world is going on the way that old type of methods will be forgotten and the new type of thinking styles and analysing information type has been changed troughout the time so that these type of schools can teach how can learn these abilities for the future.

Finally in the new age as known for technoology age ı think that the technology schools that Elon Musk opened needs to pe more rare and students must go to these types of school for future and learn the new abilities to make their lives easier.

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