The Secret Entrance

The movie starts with a girl laying in her bed. The girl is blonde with brown eyes, tall and slim. Her name is Vanessa and she has been obsessed with aliens since her childhood. Her room is space themed and full of space and alien decorations. She decided to skip school one day to take a break and relax at the local park. While she was at the local park she realises a strange looking tree. She investigates the tree and finds an entrance. She decides not to go in because she was late for dinner. For 2 weeks she always dreams and thinks about the tree. Then one day she decides that she wants to explore what is inside the tree’s entrance.

She goes in the entrance on a sunny Saturday. It was really dark at first and Vanessa was quite scared. After some time she started seeing colorful lights. The lights weren’t enough for her to see the actual path. Vanessa was so close to giving up and going back but suddenly the path was filled with a bright purple light. She could see the whole path which was full of shiny crystals. Vanessa was amazed because she had never seen anything like this before. She walked for hours but never got tired. After a long walk she saw a huge mysterious door. She pushed the door but the door was too heavy. She noticed a sign while pushing the door. The sign said ‘Find the yellow crystal.’. Vanessa was very curious what was behind the door so she started searching for a yellow crystal. All the crystals she found were pink,red and blue for a while. Luckily the yellow crystal wasn’t far away. She pulled the crystal and immediately heard a loud noise. She ran to the door. Vanessa felt like she was in a dream. The place she was seeing was magical.

Behind the door there was a city but very different from the cities Vanessa had seen. There were flying cars, very tall and colorful buildings, a castle which could be seen from any distance, pomegranate shaped bushes and trees with red hearth shaped leaves but what amazed Vanessa the most was the sky. There were 3 planets visible and the sky was like a rainbow. There where so many colors moving around in the sky. While Vanessa was checking everything around her, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She moved around and saw an alien. The alien was very different from the aliens in sci-fi movies. It looked like a human-octopus hybrid. The alien says ‘Im your guide for the next 2 weeks’ immediately after Vanessa turns around. She later learns that she could only stay in this strange planet for 2 weeks. She spends the time given to her by exploring the history and the cities of the planet while interacting with many aliens. After 2 weeks Vanessa feels very connected to the planet and decides to live in that planet. At the end of the movie she is a citizen of a country in the planet while still contacting the people from Earth and telling stories about her planet.

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