The Secret of Inequality

Based on the behavior patterns of men and women in our society, social judgments have been developed that can be defined hypothetically. In society, people form their own judgments on their behalf by talking about him, even though they don’t know about him. These grow as they get support, and the circle expands. As the circle expands, the whole society begins to support each other and put pressure on their ideas. These resulting judgments can become a global issue that affects the entire world. One of them is gender roles.

Gender roles refer to the behavior patterns that women and men are expected to form in the minds of society and expect to receive that return. In these roles, it is about the gender inequality that has an impact on the social and cultural basis that exists in our society, although it is not accepted because it is designed from the point of view of their perception, shaped by the male-dominated community. 

In fact, there are two genders in the biological sense. And these two sexes are equal. It is evenly coded, evenly created. Due to the perception created by people in society, over time, this event has taken a firm place in our lives, although it has been adopted and accepted. Men are experienced with the perception that they should have these characteristics because they were raised as brave, strong, tough from birth and at the same time they were put into this perspective by men. In women, it’s the opposite. By telling women to be compassionate, understanding and non-maternal, they are left passive by raising them in this perspective. It is becoming mandatory for them to live in the state that society has adopted.

We take an example “John Money (1976) is known for his research on children born without a full-fledged sexual organ. His findings show that although the parents think the child is a boy and raise him as a man, the child behaves like a man and perceives himself as such. In contrast, if the parents accept the child as a daughter and raise him accordingly, the child behaves like a girl … (Cüceloğlu, 2014: 390). In other words, when people are determining roles in gender, not instinctively, all factors such as lifestyle, perspective, social pressure, society affect everything.There are many factors that affect gender roles in our daily lives and lives. These are the family, the environment, and especially social media is one of the biggest factors right now. It’s one of those events that literally affects our lives.

Human psychology has taken shape due to these factors and over time they have become unpleasant events that have taken their place in our lives.


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