The Sickness of Solitude


It was new years eve. The music was fantastic. I was in a night club with my girlfriend Jane. She is a long brunette, with dreamy eyes. I would give the whole world for her, she is my everything. We met in high school. It was 11th grade. The time I was getting bullied non-stop. Life was awful. My family looked at me with disgust, I had bad grades. Until she appeared. I was heading to the bathroom until I saw her tiny but beautiful face. As she was walking she suddenly vomited. There was no one around so I went there to help her. I brought her tissues and brought her water. We suddenly connected. She had family issues like me which made me relate even more to her. She was very thankful for my help and offered me dinner. I still remember what I ordered. A big hamburger with 4 onion rings.

After that dinner at McDonalds we almost got together everyday. Every time I talked to her it was like I was talking to myself. We were almost too similar. On our 5th date we went to an amusement park. It was weird because I bought two tickets but the person there only needed one for us to enter. Anyway, on that day we experienced a robbery. We were heading to the cafeteria when I heard gunshots. Two heavily armed men entered and took the cashier out. I don’t know why but I felt like Superman at that moment so I tried to stop them. Well I got knocked down. I stayed in the hospital for a month. We still laugh about it. I definitely can say that Jane improved my life. She gave me ambition and helped me a lot in my work life.

It’s the day after new years eve. I got up and went to my office as usual. But then my parents called. They said that they really missed me. I told them that I would meet them with Jane. It was the first time they heard about her. In the evening I took Jane to my home. My dad and mom greeted me. They really aged. I sat down and we talked down for a bit. Jane didn’t talk but I could see she was happy. Just before we were gonna leave my parents asked me why I didn’t bring my girlfriend. I was shocked. I told them that she was here. They looked at me weirdly. Then I turned around to look at Jane. She wasn’t there. It was impossible. I tried to call her but I didn’t have her phone number. It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me. After my realisation I went to a doctor. I got diagnosed with a serious condition. I don’t remember the name. Jane was never real. I am back to loneliness.

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