The Slavery Of Beliefs

In the philosophical jargon, the topic and, Certainly the response to it is sometimes referred to as explanation of opinions. Justifying beliefs only means offering reasons for keeping the beliefs that we are taking, and keeping them as powerfully (or weakly) as we exist. In the die rolling case, we have stated the idea that the die is controlled with the chance of 50 percent. The explanation for this idea is the preceding experience we got with manipulated dice.

Although religion might not directly enslave people, it has cause a lot of unwanted and undesired consequences. If you think about it people just by thinking there is a higher power, have made up rules like sacrificing people or animals. Since, religion isn’t a scientifically understood thing and people don’t know what they are doing wrong or right so they just guess what they need to do which leads to other people manipulating those who believe in them and assume the others know best. This has given many people of God a lot of power which they don’t deserve because they don’t actually communicate or understand God. This leads to known slavery in which people don’t understand that they are being manipulated.

Fortunately, some people also receive tremendous help from religion. For example, some people by believing in God have turned their life around and started living a better life. This has also saved them from being a menace to society or worse ending up in prison.

Although the most popular type of belief is religion, this doesn’t mean that people have to believe in a religion. Neither does it mean that their beliefs can be labelled. for example, some people might believe in a god but not in going to heaven or hell after death. some also believe that there is a creator to the universe but it’s not the typical “God” that most people believe in, in the since that people believe that God made humans yet these people might believe that their “God” created the universe for some other reason that we probably can’t even imagine and that humans by luck came in to existence. A good example is if we imagine the universe as a pizza and humans as the bacteria on the pizza.

To summarize, religion and belief has cause many bad and good things trout the history of the earth and whether you believe in god or not, you cannot deny that even just the thought of god has incredible amounts of side effects. Though the answer to the question ”Do beliefs enslave or liberate people?” might change from person to person, history tells us that the answer is both of them at the same time.

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