The Society

Antisexizim is gonna make society comfortable and make every people in the community happy and relaxed. Because either you can be a woman or a man you can do anything you want. But these days it is not like that, unfortunately. There are some stupid rules are not written anywhere but everybody knows. For example, a man can neither wear pink nor cry. Because they are stronger than women. But that things are so not true. Because we are both human beings. Another thing that the community says is that women can not work and the only thing that they can do is to cook and take care of the home. What a shame. Who do you think you are to make somebody bad for working for her own life. Women do not need anybody for anything. We can do anything we want. But for society, it is not like that. And that is making a lot of pressure on all women.

Let us look at if we have a society that everybody is equal. Nobody cares about what everybody is doing. Nobody needs to think about what will the community say after their own moves. Beauty, height, weight, money, not even gender is important. You can be yourself. So everybody is happy. So the community is peaceful. The crimes in the communities are caused by the bad childhoods of the people. But if everybody allows doing everything that they want (not affect anybody) they are not gonna do bad things to anyone. Because they do not gonna have any hate for anyone. Imagine that you are a little boy and you want to wear a skirt because everybody else wearing it. And your parents are getting angry with you because of that. They are like “How can you say something like that, is something is wrong with you, ı can not believe you, ı never gonna hear something like that anymore, you are a boy so act like a boy …” It is disgusting. You can do whatever you want. No matter what gender you are. And then everything gonna is fine because everybody will happy.

This topic is not that easy of course. There is a dangerous level too. Especially for the women. Encountering inequalities for girls from birth can start from and follow them all their lives may not leave. Some health services in countries and adequate nutrition girl for being deprived of death among children higher rate are happening. girls reach puberty along with more encounters in equality. The boy is much more than the groom There are many child brides. globally every year about 15 million 18 years old Six girls are getting married. This is 37 thousand children a day. It means she’s a bride. This is so much worst than what ı did talk about before this. But when we look at it generally it is the same topic. We need to change things, and we need to do this faster.

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