ca. 2002 --- Baby Holding Mother's Finger --- Image by © Barbara Peacock/CORBIS

The Sound at the Corner

I was walking on the street in my wet clothes. It was pouring rain. If it was a normal day I would care about the wetness on me but it was not a normal day. I have been walking for a time that I do not even know how long is it. On the street, I was all alone because everybody was gone when the rain began. Suddenly I heard a voice. The whole world was silent. Am I the only one hearing this cry for help? I walked a bit more and near the corner, I found a baby inside her cradle. She was wet and cold. I hugged her with my coat and took her in my arms. I started to run to the nearest open place with my all strength.

She was shivering and crying when we got inside a small souvenir shop. The owner of the shop was not happy about this situation because she was making too much noise and I was getting his floor wet with my wet clothes. He gave us a blanket and a cup of tea for me. When I understood he is not going to help more than he has done so far I decided to take a taxi.

When we got to my small apartment she stopped crying because the inside was warm. I did not know how to care for a baby and I was nervous but at least this night she has to stay with me cuz I need to rest for a while.

Nothing happened as I planned. I could not rest that night because she did not stop crying and she got fevered again so I had to go to a pharmacy with her but she did not stop crying even when we were walking.

The next morning everything was worse. I could not feed her the night before like on that morning. And I was desperate. I tried to help her all night but I could not manage with her. The only thing that I could do is call the police but I did not want it. I thought it was a sign as I lost my baby the night I found that poor baby. We both were abandoned and we did not have anyone except each other. She needs me as much as I need her.

That morning I gave a promise to myself. I was going to give this baby if someone searches for her but until that time she was going to stay with me and I will protect her from everything. Because I needed her more than she needed me.

It may seem like a selfish decision, but on those days I was very sure about the decision I made was the best decision I have ever made.

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