I don’t think it’s possible to mine only on Earth. Maybe it can be mined on the Moon or Mars. For example, on the Moon, there may be fossils of people who have been to the Moon and those who died there, namely bones, skulls and other things. Or there was once water found on Mars, and evidence of that is pebbles, and maybe there were animals in outer space, or fossils of an alien, or very ancient historical objects. If you say that there is no life on Mars now… yes, I guess it could be, maybe not, NASA is already working on this. Or there may be mines on the Moon or Mars that we don’t even know about. For example, a red diamond (it could be something like that). But if what I’m thinking is trouble, how will they dig? No digging because it burns on Mars. So, it can be space mining, but it can’t be.

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