The Story of Ares

blankHis name was Ares. That name is so familiar. Yes, you got it right. His name comes from a Greek god. I will tell his story. But do not be prejudiced. He was not a bad man. He was an angel.


blankHe was 33 years old. Everyone thought he was crazy. Because he loved to dream. And he did everything to make them come true. Sometimes he succeeded. Sometimes he could not. He tried to save his mother from a disease. He dreamed that he was a doctor and strong enough to save his mother. He tried to become a doctor. But he was too late. His mother died. And in her last words, she said that he had to become a doctor to save other people from sickness. So he did. He became a doctor. Even if his mom is not alive he was happy with becoming a doctor. He never gave up on his dreams. Even if they could not come true.


blankOne day he woke up very nervous. He remembered the dream he had had. He had seen a girl on a cliff. It had seemed like she was going to commit suicide. The girl had said that she and her family were so hungry in Tunisia. And the dream had finished. He invited his best friend Joe. He told the dream that he had had. Joe started laughing and said that ” Do you think that it is real? Do not consume your time because of these stupid things. ” After these words, he started to think. Maybe it was real. She was waiting for a hero. Then, he laughed his thoughts.  After that, he realized that he had nothing to lose. He had lost his mother. There was nothing else. Suddenly he stood up and began to prepare some meals and some gifts to give her. When he finished preparing he opened the computer and tried to visualize where she was. After long research, he found the cliff. İt was a unique cliff because of ivies and some different plants. İt was impossible he knew it. But he was decided to help her.

blankWhen he got off the plane he felt broken because of a news that he heard. He had to pass a desert to reach the cliff and vehicles went to the middle of the desert because of the sandstorm. İt was so dangerous to go there. But he did not give up because of that. He got into the car. After the middle of the desert, he stopped the car and began to walk. There was a long way for him. The sand started to fill up his lungs. He was breathing scarcely. But he could see the cliff and she was there! He ran until he fell down. The bag was reached.


blankShe is saying hero for him now. She and her family were comfortable for months under favor of him. We can understand that something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become imminent and possible. Do this sentence your life’s aim. You can achieve everything that you want to do.


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