The story of the boy who vanished from the earth. Just like his brother.

He woke up feeling a little off that morning. Not knowing what was going to happen made him feel more anxious than he’d ever felt before. This was no joke, after all, he was going to see his little brother for the first time in a while. This took much longer than he expected because it was about to be 4 years since he last saw his brother. He didn’t know why his dad took him away for 4 years, then forbid anybody from talking or even thinking of him. His dad said his little brother was alive but… At this point, he had no hope that his brother was alive. He didn’t even know why his brother was taken away.


His name was Sam. “The boy whose brother was taken away mysteriously”. Sam was so shocked when his father told him that he was going to see his brother the morning after that he fell out of his chair. Even the fact that Sam’s father mentioned his brother was beyond belief. Even though his dad never talked about Sam’s little brother, Sam was actually thinking about him every night. There was an unbreakable bond between them. It was like they were twins and their souls were connected by an indestructible bond.


And now, even telling his name, “Ethan” was so painful for him that Sam never ever wanted to remember Ethan again. Sam just wanted to make this pain go away. He tried everything. Sports, arts and crafts, and even music, which was the last option for him because Ethan liked to play the guitar and music made Sam remember Ethan. But nothing made that pain go away.


Sam almost didn’t believe his dad when he told him that he was going to see his brother the following morning. First of all, he asked himself why it was in the morning. But with the adrenalin, he didn’t bother that much. Finally, the day came. Even though he was feeling a bit off, he quickly rushed out of bed to get ready, chose his best clothes, got his favorite bunny Ethan left home, and then, went to the bathroom. He suddenly felt nauseous when he looked at the mirror. He thought for a second that he saw his brother in there. Still feeling odd Sam slowly started to walk towards the mirror.


Sam looked at the mirror for a long time and felt like he needed to ask his reflection, “Who are you?” He didn’t think that he was getting an answer and that was when he realized the reflection’s mouth didn’t move while he talked.

He was terrified when Ethan answered from the mirror, “Don’t you remember me, brother?”

Sam was never seen again.

A legend tells that he was also stuck in that mirror,                                                                                                where he saw his long-lost brother.

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