The Street Cat Paco

İf I could own someone else’s life, I would like to own a cat’s life. But not a house cat’s life. I wouldn’t want to make my life that easy. Most house cats have an easy-going life because of the loving people who look after them. But the rest don’t live an easy or carefree life. They sometimes have to fight for their food or get killed because of some guy who hates animals. I chose a street cat’s life to show how hard it can be to live in such conditions like this. But a day in a street cat’s life isn’t just made off of their struggles. You have to read the rest to find out what happens to our street cat.

Hi! My name is Paco. I live in a village called The Ark village. I know it has a strange name. I heard it while two farmers were talking about it. My village is near the sea. So when I’m hungry, all I have to do is go and steal some fish from the fisherman’s boat. But sometimes, other cats act before me and try to scare me away. I quickly go somewhere else because you never know what they can do to you.

My day starts early. I get up and go to the pier to look for men catching fish. I go into their boats and steal two long fish. If I am early enough, I can avoid running into other cats. I eat one of the fish and keep the other for Lizzy.

Lizzy is a house cat who lives in the most expensive hose of our village. I visit her every day, but she never seems interested in me. She is a proud and spoiled cat, but unfortunately, my heart only beats for her. I go to her house and tap on the window to make as much noise I can. Usually, her owner is sleeping at this hour. She comes up to the window and stares at me in disgust. I show her the fish I brought for her, but she is too proud to accept that. She swings her tail at me and jumps down from the window. This behavior of Lizzy makes me sad, but I am going to work hard to win her heart. After this unfortunate event, I go to the old shack to see my old man who saved my life when I was a kitten.

I was left on the streets to die. And my old man saw me and took me to the old shack. He fed me and looked after me until I could find food on my own. İf he had left me there, I probably would have died the night I was thrown out in the streets. I ow so much to him. So in return, I visit him every day. He is lonely because his wife died ten years ago. He loved and cared for her very much. But unfortunately, death got between them.

I kill some time with him and return to the street where I spend my nights. These days are lucky in my life. There are much scarier days I have gone through. A night with an empty stomach is not rare when you are a street cat in The Ark village.

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