The Success of Perseverance

I was a girl growing up in a small village. I didn’t grow up in a pool like those city girls. But I had a natural sea. The magnificent blue color, the clarity of the water, the beauty of mosses and sea creatures attracted everyone. I was lucky to learn to swim at a very young age. I haven’t had as much trouble as the other kids. I used to dive into the depths of the sea myself when they didn’t know how to swim yet. I was a child who loved to make my difference and tried to use my potential to the fullest.

One day, diving instructors came to our village to take a vacation. When they discovered how deep I had plunged and how much gold I had gained over the years, they said they wanted to meet with my immediate family. I was happy to hear that . Diving was my biggest passion, yes, but despite that, the idea of leaving my family behind kept making me think. It all happened so fast, I was at the airport when I came to my senses. My parents sent me off tearfully, telling me to be strong. They entrusted me to my coach, whom they trusted very much. It’s been a long time dec I’ve improved myself more and more every day. I have dived at various places and events. I got the first places in the tournament. And that day finally came. At this moment, when I succeeded, I decided to take my goal to the heights now. It was my goal to set a world record now. It was very important for me to go to visit my family, who were waiting for me with pride. After I became a famous diver, people started looking for me.

People from many parts of the world who became famous in my village were coming to visit. I was even more proud to contribute to the villagers.I kept working day and night to break my record. Although I was exhausted and the pressure at the depth damaged my health, I never gave up and the decision I made continued to go my way. It’s impossible for me to describe the joy and the sense of pride I felt when I finally broke the record. Now this persistent story of mine is as fascinating as the tales I tell my grandchildren.

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