The Surprising New Year

Hi, my name is Jesse Pinkman. Now, I am gonna tell you the story of my favorite new year. First of all, you need to know that I have a girlfriend named Sarah. We have been together for almost 4 years now and we are engaged. And our engagement story is also in this story so let’s start telling it. A month before the new year, I had deciced to marry my girlfriend Sarah because she was the smartest, the funniest and the most beautiful person I have ever met. So, after my decision, I thought about how to propose because I wanted to propose to her in the best way possible. When I looked at the calendar, I had seen that the new year was coming up so I decided to propose to my girlfriend at the new year. In my plan, we would celebrate our new year together and then we would count down the seconds and when we entered the new year, I was going to propose. After this plan, I started looking for engagement rings and I called her parents for their approval of us getting married and they said it was more than okay so I was good to go. I even talked to her close friends just to be sure what to do. 3 days before the new year, I told Sarah that we could spend the new year together. The problem was, she was an announcer at a national news center and on the day of the new year, they had a programme to count down the seconds for the new year with people at the Rockefeller Center. When I heard that news, I was shocked and sad because I had to find a new way to propose to her. Anyways, because of this, I could go to my friend’s house to celebrate the new year together. When the new year came, as scheduled, I went to my friend’s house but I went to my home because even tough I couldn’t spend my new year with my girlfriend, I wanted to celebrate it with my little dog named Boris. When I came home, the time was 23.59. It was only seconds before the new year. And, just then, I saw my girlfriend Sarah was waiting for me at the living room because she wanted to surprise me and she took a day off from work. I was really happy to see her because now, I could propose to her. We counted the seconds together and when we finally hugged each other, I took a step back and got down on one knee and I proposed. It was amazing because she said yes and we got engaged. It was the happiest day of my life and the best new year I have ever had.

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