The Tale of Two Brothers

Once upon a time in France, there was a small family whose traditional job is a farmer. After very long trials this family had two babies named Will and Halt. Jamie who is the father of that family taught his sons everything about being a farmer .When the boys reached at the age of 21 they were strong, responsible and honourable. Life was going perfect for them. But like everything, these good days had come to an end the day that the king of the England claimed the throne of the Kingdom of France. After a short time, England declared a war on France as to be expected.

Ten days later, the warlords started to recruit any man that can hold a weapon. So Will and Halt joined the Army Of Maine. ın the third week they are commanded to siege the castle in Caux. When they are arrived ,they noticed that the enemy don’t have enough supplies to hold the castle so that they decided to wait the naval blockade that will be done in next 3 days. But some like Halt who was eager to blood so that they started to raiding the villages near to the castle. Villages aren’t the hardest place to capture but do not under estimate the villagers that can be very ruthless when its come to defend their family and home.İn one raid  Halt got his fist kill and he really liked it . He wanted more so he started to attack every farmer around him.His brother Will tried to stop his brother  but he didn’t stopped at the end he killed a little child with an axe.Will couldn’t believe what he have seen .When this was happening a farmer who is holding a hammer appeared behind Halt .Farmer seems to pissed of and before Halt realised him, he lowered the hammer onto the head. Halt was lying slain on the battlefield .Will stabbed the farmer with his knife and ran to his brother. His head was splashed around, even though Will took all of his brother’s body parts and loaded them to a horse.

After sawing his brothers death Will forgot the war and escaped from the battlefield..He did not know where to go so he started to think. After some time he has found a solution, he will find the woman in their village who gives punishment. This could be a chance to bring back his brother to the earth. The journey took 3 days. Will went to that woman and told her everything. The woman accepted Will’s request for 45 golds. First trial was an unsuccessful one. While the woman was working for the second trials, Will found a note and he started to read it “If you gave him another chance, you are taking the risk of being tricked again”. Will didn’t understand anything from that note. After some time the woman was about to finish his work and will was so exited to see his brother again. When the woman fished his work his brother woke up.Will couldn’t believe to his eyes and he tried to hug his brother. Will was trying to hug his brother when his brother bit him. This wasn’t his brother this was an monster. He tried to resist to Halt but he was too powerful for him. In his last moments Will realised the note and a smile appeared on his face that he could not understand why.

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