The Team That You Create

When a new job becomes it has many missings in beggining. One of them is your team. İf you are an employer you should have and chose your teammates. But how can we chose our teammates? Firstly make a list of it in your mind. This list should be about what is your responsibility to do with your team.

İn a job there is many things to be careful. One of is the concentration. İf you are a employer you must be check some criticle things. First and the most importand. The team is the main caracteristic of the job. You should be very carefoul about it. İf ı am an employer and pick persons to be a team ı had first look the peoples abilitys. Whan can they do about the team? Can they do any thin did ı gave them? Or more than these questions are help us to chose the team. The team should have many abilitys to do. Almost the teammates should be nice to eachother.

When ı chose the persons who is in our team, ı’m look for some abilitys. For example he or she is must be creative person. When we just need help or can’t do anything he or she will help us to solve the problem. May be again he or she can may help us any thing that ı cant remember now.

The main think that ı want in teammate is a new and different perspective. İf there is a new brain in our team we can create new more things. A new brain means new creative opinions. Allmost if there is new oppinipns or new creative thoughts about our Project we can make more advanced innovations.

The think that ı want to mentin is your teammates perspectives or thinking types are so influnce to your Project or some thing that you do. So you should create the team by looking some spesifics.

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