The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything is a film which is directed by James Marsh has to be the most devastating and inspiring film that I had the chance to watch.

The story which is set in the 21st century England is about Stephen Hawking. He gets acceptance from the University of Cambridge where his all life begins. When he first enters the university, he joins a party that is organized for new students and he meets his friends who will support him in everything throughout his life. However, unexpected health and family problems tag him along.  He sets aside all his problems and impresses the entire university with his superior intelligence to the extent that no one can believe it. Alongside the adventitious things, he meets with a girl named Jane who makes Hawking pray every day. However, his bad luck, which darkens a person, never leaves him alone.

The film made me realize that, although we have some obstacles in our lives, whatever happens, we have to follow our dreams to make them come true no matter what. It thought me how determination leads people to success. I would gladly recommend you all, to watch The Theory of Everything.

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