The Thing We Want is Less Crime Rate

Turkey has big problems in dealing with criminals these years. The number of criminals increasing every second. To deal with these criminals should we increase the number of prisons? Or should new laws come to reduce the crime rate?

Global Initiative, an independent non-governmental organization established with the aim of combating international organized crime, published the “Global Organized Crime Index” on Thursday, October 28, 2021. The study is based on two years of research conducted by the organization in 193 United Nations (UN) member countries. In this category with a crime resistance score of 3.54 Turkey was ranked 151st among 193 UN member states. It’s an awful value but what can we do to be a more trustful country for everybody?

Increasing the number of prisons can’t help us to decrease the rate of crime. We don’t want more criminals then why do we make prisons for new criminals instead of changing the law? Building new prisons will cost Turkey a lot. And we don’t have a great enough economy for that. Because of these reasons we should be more strict with the law instead of increasing the number of prisons. If we change and get stricter laws the number of people who is criminal will decrease because of fear of punishment. Yes, of course, we can never reduce this crime to 0, but it will definitely decrease. Most criminals commit a crime because there is no heavy return for their crimes. If we gave them that heavy punishment they will have fear doing it. To discipline people who do not comply, we need to punish them.

The thing I want to say is basically, why would we build more prisons? To get more criminals? Rather, it is better to change the laws. We want to see the crime rate decrease as a whole country. Not that seeing prisons multiplying.

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