The Time Machine

Our world’s technology invented so many spectacular things such as telephones, computer etc. Many years ago scientist like Graham Bell, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla invented these devices and we have developed these devices in the most beautiful way that can come today with the developing day by day. Everybody can found really good sources to found these developments history but wouldn’t be more interesting too see it with your own eyes? If they’ll ask me that what time should i like to go if a time machine were invented, definitely my answer will be go to renaissance period as a bourgeois.

My love for art started when I was a child, if somebody asked my favorite activity when

I was in kindergarten my answer would decidedly be to draw memories that makes me cheerful. As I got older, my interest in art have increased a lot for gain more in for about art i decided to make a research about famous works of famous artist and when i got the results I realized that almost all of the results I found were the works of artists who appeared in the renaissance period so my interest in renaissance period expanded. The artifacts that are still invaluable today also published in that period. The ‘Birth of Venus’ , a work of art that came out in 1485, which I’m pretty sure that nearly the whole world have at least one copy of or, the painting that everyone wonders the mystery of the work, and subjects of most book ‘Mona Lisa’.

I specifically want to be an bourgeois because I’m also into fashion and bourgeois are the most iconic examples of the dazzling dresses that the long, fluffy, lace embroidered dresses. Their iconic things like feminine lifestyles, hobbies, jewelry, accessories are still gets great interests and they are still tried  to be reflected in theşr own lifestyles. 

In conclusion the thing that technology unfolds are not clear at all, if time machine is invented and if it’ll possible to teleport back in time, i would choose the renaissance period that the worlds brightest period, where the society was enriched with many fabulous work of art or in fashion.

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