Hello everyone, my name is Ata Cem ÇELİK. I will talk about traffic lights in my life. To be fair I will say that I had a lot of them. So, I will chronologize them. When I was 2 years old, my brother was born and in my entire life my brother was a traffic light to me because he always disturbs me while I am studying. Anyways, and the second one is starting to pre-school that was a little stressful because I was starting to school. The third one is my best friend in primary school just died and that changed me a lot in my life. And the fourth one is starting to secondary school, because my teachers will be separated until 5th grade and that was stressful because my family registered me to another school and that was really hard to adapt to Bestepe College but now I am in 7th grade, and I adapt to the school and I am really happy that I am in Bestepe College.


And that was all for this month see you in other month.

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