After killing Lady Dimitrescu, I found Rose’s (my daughter) head in a dirty jar. I needed to collect the whole body of Rose. I met Duke in the middle of the village. He gave me a map then I had a journey to Beneviento’s House. She was a doll maker, so I thought it would be easy. On the way, I saw Mia (my wife) holding Rose in her hands. B-But this can’t be real. Mia was dead. She had 49 bullets in her body. How could she still be alive? But then she disappeared like black dust. At the end of the path, I saw a big house near a waterfall. Once I opened the door there were dolls everywhere. One of the dolls looked suspicious so I grabbed my shotgun (M1897) and when I tried to shoot at the doll, everything went dark. When the light came, I didn’t have my shotgun in my hands, my pistol (LEMI) in my pockets and even my knife! I found some keys and some stones in the cupboards. I inserted the stones into the holes of the door and opened the elevator. But then the electricity went out again but it was not that dark. I could see the furniture AND A GIANT DISGUSTING BABY RUNNING AT ME! He wanted to eat me. His mouth was like 36 inches (91.44 cm). I ran and jumped over the furniture and grabbed the… FUSE, IT WAS ALMOST BROKEN. It had some cracks but it would work. I ran back to the elevator the inserted the fuse. While the doors were closing, the giant baby ran to the elevator. Luckily, the door closed. When I was on the 1st floor, I saw my M1897 and my LEMI near my KNIFE. When I grabbed them, I heard laughing behind me. I turned back, there were 1200 dolls twitching their bodies, heads, arms, hands and legs. I saw the main doll and attacked her. I stabbed the knife into the head of the doll. When I did that, it turned into Donna Beneviento. Everything turns ou,t my mind was playing a trick on me. Everything was just a hallucination. Mia, Rose, Giant Baby, The Dolls, even the crack on the fuse. I saw some wine on the floor. I thought they were messing with my brain and eyesight. As I walked through the broken corridor, there was a big gate. I threw a pipe bomb to destroy the gate. After the gate, there was another piece of Rose’s body… her arms.

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