The Urge to Chase Obscurity

The way we pay our “rents” to this planet we live on has hosted us for billions of years is ridiculous. We express our gratitude to our World by throwing garbage on its lands that serve as skin for every bite we take from its delicious fruits, and by dumping non-harmful (!) wastes into its seas for every sip of fresh water we drink. Moreover, while these rings, which started out as a single piece of garbage at first, turned into chains strong enough to suffocate us all over the centuries, no one woke up to the idea that something bad was happening. Thus, we continued these sweet habits that we saw from our ancestors as their beloved children.

This lasted until 1969 when we stepped our feet for the first time ver to an outer place – could such an unspoiled place be called home? Some got the idea to rush out, searching for new lands instead of looking after the one that we currently lived on. Besides the controversy and discussible validity of this hope, we’ve spent trillions just to reach this dream- which we couldn’t. Yet.

So we spent all we had on the pursuit of finding another habitat in the universe; We squandered our children’s life insurance for a pointless hope that mightn’t even be ever true, but hey, discovering something new is always more exciting, isn’t it? After all, it’s the thrill of excitement and obscurity that pushes us to keep on chasing.

Just like that our current habitat was pushed back out of our focus and interest. We couldn’t resist our urges to go after our dreams. This was until finally, some decided to step up to break the chain and do something noticeable; that was when people started to actually care about appreciating their forever home; along with the space research. People started to warn others about possible scenarios about what is most likely to happen if we kept on disregarding the World out of our focus.

It may have struck some of us that we, finally, started to balance cleaning our home – and looking out for new ones. This time, we didn’t do it out of greed and ungratefulness; but to do something useful in the name of science without the concern of undergoing moral dilemma. I feel like these steps could have been made a long time ago while we had the resources to do both. However, it’s never too late to make a difference when it comes to creating a secure future for our kids.

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