The Wallet Card

Hello everyone! In this blog, I will be sharing my ideas about an opinion. That opinion supports to carry only one card that will contain your ID, business card and credit card at the same time. Basically, the main idea might be to prevent the loss of the cards and ID’s and to reach them easily in one go.

Before we start I would like to give a name to that card. Okay, I choose the
“Wallet Card”.

First, let’s talk about the pros of the Wallet Card;
– It will prevent the panic caused by the stress of finding the right card in your wallet while you are in the checkout line.
– A wallet in the back pocket of pants can affect sciatica. So carrying only one card won’t hurt anybody.
– Regular cards use plastic as the main material. considering every adult has at least 10 cards. So using the Wallet Card decreases usage of plastic by 90 per cent. But don’t forget this number is an estimation.

Then, now talk about the cons of the Wallet Card;
-If you lose it you may not find it again because it is too thin.
-In case of theft or failure, it will be very hard to prove you are the owner.
– If there is not any bank which everybody uses there might be
– If you use the wrong ATM or wrong card it will cost an arm and a leg because of the service fee.
– Or when you want to change your debit card, you will need to change your Wallet card.

But I have a totally different idea in my mind. What if we only use our phones for payments and personal information? We are already using our phones for online banking and it is obvious that it is way cheaper. About personal information already when there is a research about you already they are checking your internet data from your devices.

Let’s suppose that the wallet card is in real life and opened to public use.
What about wallets?
Thousands of wallets are produced every day. Who knows how much people are earning money by producing them. We are gonna let them lose their jobs?

One of my favourite channels from YouTube, Unbox Therapy, shared a video about a card that contains up to 30 cards (such as debit cards, credit cards, gift cards but not ID), you can watch it from the link below;

It is named “Fuze Card”. For more information. Also, you can have that card for $ 130;–3#/

This is the video they tested in real life. Basically, this video shows how it works;

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