The War Between Nature and Us

People have been living with nature for long centuries. With urbanization, the amount of the nature in our lives decreases. We are cutting trees, damaging forests, killing the animals… We are against nature; we are at war with nature. We are not only destroying nature, but we are also destroying our lives. Like Robin Wood said: “Destroying nature is destroying life.”

Nature has a really important role in people’s lives. Because everything that people need exist in nature. As an example: We are taking the water that we drink from watercourses or lakes in the environment. We are taking the fruits and vegetables that we eat from the plants in nature. The papers we use is came from trees in forests. Also, wood furniture is coming from the trees. We are not only meet our physical needs from the environment, but we are also meet our mental or emotional needs. For instance: People are able to find imagination, inspiration, even happiness and peace in nature.

Well, if nature is so necessary for us, why are we damaging it? It caused by not knowing the importance of nature. Everybody thinks that “I cannot save the world on my own.” so no one is doing what they should be doing. If we continue what we are doing, we never save the Earth.

So, what can we do to save nature? First of all, the most important thing is informing the people.  We will not get anywhere with people who have no idea about importance of the environment. Actually, at the war which is between nature and us, we are in the same team. If we treat good to nature, it will treat us in the same way. We should protect trees. We should keep clean the seas, lakes, forests and the air. Because these things are essential for us. Aziz Nesin said: “Unclean environment pollutes the human’s spirit, unclean spirits pollutes the environment.”

Eventually, nature is a part of our life and we must protect it as if it were our home. If we don’t, we will be the losing team.

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