The Way of The Freedom



In 27 December 1919 I saw Atatürk, he was there . He greets the people in deep blues. He is saying that we will win the war and take our land from our bloodthirsty enemys.

Atatürk greeted with segmens and all people from Ankara.  In greeting there are students, teachers, workers and members and leader of the Ankara Defense of Law Society. They are waiting Atatürk for a months when Atatürk came Ankara English and French occupation soldiers are shocked because they know Atatürk will be do a revolution in Turkey. Atatürk announce that he came Ankara with a manifesto.

The manifesto is saying our first council will gather in Ankara. That means Atatürk will orginize the country from Ankara. In council Atatürk claimed some places that represents the borders of the Turkish people living area. But England, France, Greece and Armenia didn’t agree the borders so Atatürk decided to go war.

Atatürk orginized a army with his generals Kazım Pasha, Fevzi Pasha and Ismet Pasha. Kazım Pasha defeated Armania and take most of lands in the east. In South Kuvayi milliye fought with frenchs and englishs. For the west front of the war Greeks are went the war pretty well. For Turkey it was an dishonor. But finally Atatürk orginize army for a last defence in Sakarya river and it went so well Atatürk won the war of Sakarya. Atatürk signed some treatments with enemy country and did one year of armistice with Greece and prepare for the next war. After one year of armistice Atatürk start the Baskomutanlık battle and with victory of battle Atatürk want to follow the exhausted enemy soldiers as result Atatürk start the Great Offensive and take Izmir.

Finally the war is over Atatürk sign Armistice with Greece. Sent Ismet Inonu to the Lausanne for represent Turkey in the peace treatment. So Lausanne Peace Treatment Signed and they take most of the misakkı milli borders.

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