The Wish Changed My Life

Oh hi, I’m going to tell you a story. So, it all happened when I was 9. When my mom gave birth to my little sister.

I was so happy I finally had a sister and dreamed about doing everything together with her. But that didn’t happen. She was so little that she couldn’t do anything by herself, normally. My mom took care of her for years and I felt so alone because I thought I wasn’t being interested in or loved anymore which was actually not true.

It continued for years and I turned 11. Yeah, I was kind of close to my teenager years but I was still a child and I was more childish than my friends were. I was still expecting my parents to love me more.

My sister was 2 back then. She could barely talk. And one day, I couldn’t hold my jealousy inside anymore. I got angry at a 2 year old and started yelling at her. I still remember the last thing I said before I left the room. ‘I would be happier if you weren’t born!’ I guess we all know what it really means.

Whatever, a year later, I was punished by life. My sister got very sick in a very young age and we lost her. I couldn’t eat, sleep or do anything for a week after that day. I made a wish and it came true. It suddenly changed my whole life, completely. ‘I didn’t mean that… I never wanted that…’

I am now 25 and I’m still asking myself: What if I had been more patient? What if I hadn’t said it? What if I loved my sister instead of being jealous of her?…

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