Third One

“Really Joseph really” said Maria when she waiting Joseph near two hours in caffe. They decide to five o’clock but now it is seven o’clock. Joseph Marias best friend they friendship start when they five years old. Maria is angry and hurried she think there is a problem with him. But she tries to be positive.  After a while she decided to call him one last time.  She got her phone than she realizes there is no one in caffe.  She got scared.  She immediately got her bag and came out of the caffe. She couldn’t believe what she saw when she opened the door. “What is going on here” she said immediately.


Everyone, everywhere look different. The skyscrapers, toll buildings, cafes even cars all of them disappeared.  All the humans look different too.  They look like they are coming from the past. Maria looks at herself and she looks like one of them.  She can’t understand what is going on.  She looks behind her and caffe got disappear. When a man pushes Maria, she definitely understands it is not a dream. An old lady comes and says “Are you okay sweetheart?” She looks tired and scared and nearly all the people around her starts looking at her. Maria looks at the old woman, and she looks worried for her. “I am, thank you,” said Maria. Old lady look her eyes and she easily understand Maria is lying. Maria do not know why but she starts to believe her. Old lady near to go. Maria stops her and says “Miss can you tell me what is the date today”. Old lady does not understand why she is asking it. “Why are you asking it dear” Maria know that is a really unlogical question but she need to know that. “Please it is really important for me,” said Maria. Old lady become more curios but she thinks she is so exciting about an important event. “İt is 15 April 1923” says old woman. Maria cannot believe what she heard. Old lady looks her watch and says “I need to go be careful to yourself” After her gone Maria try to be calm but when she saw a man have black t-shirt and black pant. He looks like modern for 1923. Maria thinks he can be a time traveler to.


She decided to flow him. After a while he understand that she is flowing him and start to run. Maria, think he scared of her and start to shout after him “Hey please I am not an enemy for you” says Maria. Man looks after him and says “Than why are you flowing me?” “Your clothes not belong to 1923s fashion, and you are look nervous, you are not belonging to here like me” says Maria. “Are you really coming from future like me” says man. “Yes” says Maria and gave her hand to him and says “I’m Maria” “And I am Sam, nice to meet you” Maria looks at him and says “Are you time traveler?” “I think I am” they laugh together “we need to find way to go our home” says Maria “I know but how” says Sam when they are talking a portal open in front of them. “What is going on” says Maria. “I think we need to go” says Sam. They look each other and dive into portal. They found they self in different time again but now they are in 2003. “How we opened the portal” says Maria. “I have no idea” says Sam. “look like we are in 2003” says Maria. Sam immediately turns to Maria and says “when we meet a portal opened. What about if there is some one else and if we found it can we go our time” “can it be” ask Maria she looks like afraid and exciting. “But how can we have found he or she” says Sam. Maria realize old lady and turn to Sam “When you first went to the 1920s have you saw an old lady” says. “Yes, but how do you know this” says Sam. “Because I saw same old woman too” says Maria and continue “İt mean we need to found same old woman” When she finished her sentence old woman came across them “ Hi again sweetheart. I heard that you are watching me” says old woman. “Where is the other one?” says Sam. “Five minute a go I was with him” says old woman. “İf we found him can we go our home, our time?” ask Maria. “Maybe yes, maybe no. Ups I need to go and I happy to find you two found each other” and she got despaired. Sam turns to and says “we immediately need to find him” says Sam. “I know says Maria. “Wait what is this” says Sam whit pointed a police officer try to catch a man. But there is something weird the man is not a thief, “Joseph?!” says Maria. “Do you know him?” asks Sam. “I think we found our third one” says Maria. They start to run after them. After a while police officer stopped the running so they can catch joseph. “Hey joseph calm down it’s me” says Maria. “Maria” says Joseph. “Where are we?” says after he got forward to the shook. When Maria near to talk a portal open again. “What is going on” says Joseph. “Time to go home” says Maria. They look each other and dive into portal. Maria looks around her she is in caffe and near to call joseph. “Really joseph really” says maria and in the same time door is open. “Maria I am so sorry” says joseph. “Ah you need to be here like two hour a go” says Maria. “Yeh, I know but I need take care of my little sister” says joseph. After a while a waiter came near them and “Can get your order” says. “I want lemonade” says Joseph. When Maria start to talk a man shout behind the café  “ Sam can you came here for a minute”


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