Those Who Play With Time

There was a man who is called Kimaru. Kimaru is a rich person and he loves greeting some kind people. Kimeru was on a trip to Ankara and he is finding new people for work. Kimaru have a criteria. This criteria was “Kindness and Helpful people”.

In Ankara, Kimaru dressed up as a homeless person and walked toward a secluded street and walked into the store. In the store, there was a full of kindness man (owner of the store) and his daughter. Kimaru didn’t say he is a rich businessman and want to see their reaction to a homeless man. The owner of the store says hi to Kimaru and he asked what he want softly. Kimaru asked for a slice of bread and looked at his daughter. The little girl was scared of Kimaru and hide behind his father’s back. His father said to his daughter to no need to hide and understood that Kimaru was from Japan because of his accent and started to speak Japanese. In Japanese, he said ” Come sit here. Kimaru was suprised that he can speak Japanese. Then he sat there and the man gave him a slice of bread and milk. The man asked why did he came to Ankara and asked his name. Kimaru didn’t say his real name and found a lie to the young man. But Kimaru didn’t know that the young man can see the future. So the young man already knows the truth but didn’t show that he knew about him. Then the young man said his name was Bucca and his daughter’s name was Aynaz . Bucca tells his past story to Kimaru and before Kimaru left the store, he gave a piece of advice. “Don’t go to your next location there will be an explosion. Trust me bilioner Kimaru Kisiber. ” First Kimaru didn’t care but then he noticed he didn’t say his real name. He thought that how can he know he is a billionaire and where does this man know where he will go to. Then he agreed to don’t go to his next location. He passed the park and went to his hotel. He opened the tv and saw that the park exploded after 5 minutes he pass through. Kimaru was so terrified. How Bucca can know such a thing. He wanted to ask him. He jumped into his car and started to drive that little store. Near the little store, the was Aynaz and his dad. Kimaru ran toward Bucca and asked how he can know that. But Bucca said that ” You need to hide under the car. The gangsters are coming.” Kimaru said inside “If someone had told me something like this was going to happen, I would have said it was impossible. But if Bucca is saying that he is correct .” Kimaru hide under the car and the gangsters ran after somebody.

The gangsters were gone and Kimaru thanked Bucca and they went to his hotel. They have great days and Kimaru asked Bucca and his daughter to come to Japan. And they accepted happily.

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