Thoughts About Beliefs

There are thousands of belief systems and religions among humans. And each one of these beliefs has a unique topic and prayer. And if we have to generalize most people believe in something whether it is not believing anything or believing something but in the end, they believe. Sometimes their beliefs require some doings or prayers sometimes it requires rituals and sometimes it only requires believing. And because of some certain thoughts, some people believe beliefs enslave people and some thought opposite way which is beliefs librate people.

To have an equal argument In my opinion both sides have some reasonable explanations for their thoughts. For example, people who think beliefs librate people can agree about how they believe something for not feeling enslaved by any other people or to have some prayers and rules to obey for them to be secured and liberated from bad habits. Or they can explain it by how believing something changed their daily or social lives and made them freer.

And on the other hand, we also have people who think that beliefs enslave people. In their point of view, they can simply explain how some prayers and some rules of beliefs and religions restrict what people can do and want to do with their lives and they are actually correct since some beliefs strictly forbid things such as alcohol and tobacco for some reasons.

Additionally, we always should remember how every belief is unique and some beliefs are quite different from each other so we actually couldn’t talk undoubtedly since a fact true for one belief is opposite for one other belief. For example for Islam alcohol is strictly forbidden for Muslim people and for Christians it is not a big deal. Also, we should mention how in some beliefs there are not any restrictions.

To conclude in my opinion both sides can support their ideas with some memories, experience and simple facts about different types of beliefs. But as I mentioned in the previous paragraph there are not any certain results or evidence for both of the sides since clearly, this discussion is about beliefs. But in my opinion, beliefs enslave people most of the time but to be honest this idea of mine is just for some of the beliefs which have strict rules to obey and not for the ones which are supporting the idea of people to have peace inside their mind and body.

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