Three Ways

There are three ways of living a life: Being stuck in the past, living the present or dreaming and working about the future. “Don’t think about the past. You need to think about the future because you cannot change the things you left behind. Since no one can guarantee you that you will have a future, live in the moment because it’s all you have right now. ” We heard this sentence a lot. There are too many films, books etc. and they all have this main idea. But what if we had a choice, would you like to change the past or see the future?

“I wish I haven’t done all of these mistakes. If I couldn’t have done them, I would be in a different position right now.” Yes, you would but you couldn’t be the person who you are. So the thing is, if you didn’t do all of these ‘mistakes’ you wouldn’t be as much as yourself now.

Mistakes are the things that helps you to recognise and know better about yourself. If you try to get rid of them all the time or try to ignore and look forward, that means you are running away from all those problems came in due to your wrong decisions. That means you are not solving them and they will come after you all the time just like an endless nightmare. That’s why, I believe most of the people would chose to change the past instead solving their problems. Furthermore, we all afraid to see the future. We don’t know what we will experience and that also frightens us. I cannot even think how seeing future will affect our psychology.

But why? Why are we so afraid of seeing how the mistakes or choices we make now affect our future? The answer is, we don’t want to lose our hope because when you see the future, since the vision that you saw about yourself may not satisfy you or it is not the life that you are dreaming about. So there will be no reason left for you to spend time on your work in order to get a better result because even if there is a result, it will not be in the way you’ve always wanted.

On the other hand, you may see your dream-life, too. But people may change, you may want a different future after then. And also what’s the point of living as long as you know the outcome of everything you will experience? And even there is a possibility of seeing your dream-life vision, would you take the risk of seeing the bad scenario? Of course not.

There is a rhythm of life that you need to keep in step with. And I believe there is a reason why we cannot change the past or see the future. This is us and we exist with our mistakes and experiences. In addition, the books and films are right, we need to live the moment because this is all we can do.







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