Tickling Forest Spirit: Shmebulock

Hello to whoever is left on the Planet. Because of my trauma, I do not know if you are a human, creature, being… But I advise you to listen to me carefully since being tickled to death is not an everyday task. I personally think this was a unique experience that I will never forget. Therefore I just thought you would be interested too. I know what you are asking. And no, it was not from one of my dreams. It is fairly certain that I can not show evidence. It is okay, because if you are still reading and believe me, -to some extent- you probably may have cracks in your head just like me.


Yes, I am not alive if you are curious. But I temporarily cannot relate to being in a dead state. Whatsoever, let me start from the beginning. I started my day with a fresh, slow jogging activity. Looks like running right into a dark, mysterious jungle was not a bright idea. But the forests in Kayseri are a bit different, they have the vibe you look for when you meditate. I felt the need to be warm as soon as the sunset was down somehow. Although at least 12 hours passed clearly it didn’t feel like it. It’s freezing cold out there, no word to that. I got several frostbites even after I set the fire. Oh wait, those are mosquitos… 


The story of tickling forest spirits is extremely old which led me to think they don’t exist. Tips for travelers: they do. Seems like I annoyed them by lighting a campfire… When you are caught once, you have no chance to escape says, my people. Which means that I had to think rapidly. Nothing came to my mind and bizarre sounds were getting more frequent every second. Nature, give me some inspiration!


Mother nature did not give me inspiration, she directly showed me the answer. My ancestors, once upon a time, faced these creatures in Central Asia. Where we came from, Central Asia is interesting indeed… But let’s not go there. So they saw people I did something strange and summoned another spirit as I couldn’t do anything. And now they are coming for my flesh. Their huge body and ferociously known fame made me stutter right here! Right when I was apologizing and begging for mercy. Even their shadows put me on my knees. I was extremely terrified and waited for what was next. Aren’t you?


Turns out that the gargantuan monsters with great monstrosities were half a foot tall… “Hahaha, are you kidding me, right?” said I, laughing on the face of the “wild spirit”. Not just were they small, but they were also funny and stylish with their rainbow noses. I love rainbows. I just remembered the situation of my ancestors and fell into a big confusion. How come they could be scared of these cuties? 


In my last remarks, I must state the most ridiculous way to die. Probably getting killed by the cute spirits you made fun of. My grand-grand-grandpa was right in whatever he said. After I had laughed at them, one of the spirits said its own name. “Shmebulock”. And I was super distracted by the word. How can you not laugh at “Shmebulock”? The name itself is pretty ludicrous and laughable. Which made me fall into the trap. They were the tickling forest spirits that caught me off-guard. And they started to tickle me until I died. I couldn’t get rid of them as they were so small, which was the end for me. Lastly, I regret it. I regret laughing at Shmebulock. But at least I am happy for him. I am happy that the legend himself has his own story that will be told from generation to generation and will be out there, for centuries. Good for you, Shmebulock…

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