Time and Money

As we all know, life is short. And thats why we shouldn’t waste our time which is limited to only about 60 to 70 years. Thats why I think that life is too short to save all of your money. Some people think that they should save a lot of money so that their children can live the life they dreamed for. And I think that this is not okay. You have to use your own money for your own life.

If my children fail in life, thats their problem. I don’t have to worry about anyone. It’s my own life, and it’s also their life. They have to find their own way in life. No one has to spend money on a different person. Unless the different person is their kid which is not an adult. You should use your money to travel or to educate yourself. They have to learn how to be strong and independent in life. And this is worth a lot more than any heritage you could ever leave to them.

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