Time From Snow

    The wind blowing through the window was caressing my skin. While the hum from outside filled my ears, the sound of the clock on the wall began to bother me. It was dark but our room was pitch black. I look at the man sleeping restlessly on a broken white sheet. It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me… The hour and minute hands were racing, struggling to outdo each other. I could feel the piece of arrow at the end of the minute hand in my windpipe. Time was flowing to me. Contrary to popular belief, time was the greatest enemy. It was flowing like a tear without ever living the conscience of what it had taken away. Time was running out just as the tears slowly disappeared into the skin. People, on the other hand, called this nothingness death. But after one ends, can’t the other begin? Were people really selfish enough to want to consume away time with themselves?

   Time passed over us as the air rained on us. The air came closer to the earth, the earth to space. However, their only aim was to meet, it did not happen. Snow has covered the earth but air covered breathes. A terrible scream came from the derelict darkness. It was a cry, a rebellion against the passing time. It snowed, the sky came close to the ground. eternity called me, and this situation wrote like this in the minds: A pair of glass eyes hiding under the sky to find peace. Focus of the eyes were changing. The snow was falling without stopping, the sky was approaching the ground… And you, you were reaching for eternity.


   Love, wouldn’t you wipe my tears with your hands or would you burn my skin with pieces of ice? Do you want it even if we burn my skin? Couldn’t I just silence my soul, which is dying for you, for once? Our tensitional union would be as perfect as a mixture of fire and water. Even though we will eventually perish…


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