Hi, I’m Elif. I’m going to 5th grade. Last month, I travelled by a time machine from 2021 to 1936. It was a normal day at school. In the coding lesson, the teacher said, ‘It’s been two months since a time machine could be invented for CHILDREN. They want a game designed for this. 3 people will be selected, and these people will travel by time machine. Let those who want to participate raise their hands.’ The whole class raised their hands. The teacher said, ‘Nice’. A week has passed since then. I think my game was very good. The teacher sent the games to the institution. Two weeks later, the results were announced. I was the first one! I was blown away with joy. A week later, we went to the institution for a trip. When I got there, I saw the hospitality of the elders. There was a lot of fun. I ate old dishes. Most importantly, I even saw Atatürk for a few seconds.

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