Time Machine

One day I was casually walking around these cursed cities of the world, I had to find food, water and other things for myself as well as the electronic devices which are still able to function after the end of the world. I wandered around strange places and finally found a strange path to some sort of laboratory or shelter.

At first, I didn’t understand what this place was leading to and I was curious as to why it was so dark and humid. I managed to reach the end of the tunnel and there was a very large door but when I pushed it just fell, leading to a ladder that goes further. Although it was a very secure door, it couldn’t stand against the sands of time. I started to go down further and found a shelter that had been abandoned long ago. I was thinking that there might be some useful things for me to use. I started to walk the dusty and rusty hallways of this weird place. I started to wander around this shelter, hoping to find some food, water and battery for my flashlight. As I search every room the more i get scared of this place. Like as if the scientist in this place had nothing to do but make new devices with a little glimpse of hope to save humanity.

Most of them were useless due to the rust and other effects but in one of the rooms, I found a strange device that was looking completely fine as if nothing happened. I tried to find a manual book for it because I thought it was some kind of experimental device that produced energy for the whole laboratory. I hopped inside it and pressed random buttons because I thought it won’t work since there is no power in here.

It suddenly started and I was shocked, I couldn’t get out while panicking but it stopped and the A.I. inside it started to talk. It told me that this was a time machine that was brought here from the future and it also told me that I could use this to go any timeline except for the future. At this moment, I wanted to do the only thing I want to remember, the times that I was happy.

The machine started and began to do weird things and I blacked out. By the time I woke up I was already there, the park where I made my very friends. My mom, My dad, were all there, smiling and happy. I was about to leave this place, in tears, some kid showed up and said that I’ve got a cool car and asked me why I was looking sad and crying, I couldn’t speak and the kid handed me some candies and told me to be happy and before I could even speak I realised that kid was me.

After this moment, I wanted to see the medieval places that my lover was a fan of. I went to the middle ages and saw families in very beautiful and nostalgic houses after that war was going around the world with swords and canons.

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