Time Machine. Mechanism of eternity.3D surreal illustration. Fractal Time series. Composition of clock and fractal elements with metaphorical relationship to time, science and modern technology. Fractal artwork, abstraction of a clockwork, a time machine. Cover design template layout for corporate business card, booklet, brochure, flyer, poster, banner. Fractal artwork for creative design. Digital artwork graphic astrology magic


If I had a time machine in my hands I would travel to the future not change the timeline. It would be the year 2030. The world would get worse in the future that’s why I would pick 5 or 10 years. It would be really different because of climate change. But I hope there would be a cleaner world out there. I hope to meet my friends at their older age. Or see the celebrities there. The main thing I would focus on is the solutions to some problems like pollution job loss etc. Of course, I would have fun there at the beginning but there will be depressing times either. Some agencies would track me down. The governments need to keep me safe. It would be a stressful life out there for me. So, if I could I didn’t use that machine but if it was faith for mankind I would definitely do it.

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