Time Traveller

Have you ever thought about having a time machine? I, personally have always wondered
what would I do if I had one. Now, I realize that it is more of a ‘’ What else?’’ than ‘’What?’’ Given
this anything but ordinary opportunity, it would be a pleasure to roam around the world freely.

First of all, I would like to see my own childhood, or even buy myself some deserts. I would
go back to the days without worry or any kind of stress factors, if I could. I also want to see the house
where I have spent my entire childhood. Touching all the walls that contains all my memories in
every brick throughout the long hall and breathing in the atmosphere once more.

Then, I would like to experience the history of Anatolia. This place is rewarded with great history for its geographical position. I would like to see how all of these nations survived and their traditions.

After that, I would visit American Revolution in 1775, because my roommate keeps talking about how she was a general.

I would visit ancient Greece as well, and get the chance to observe all the rulers who inspired mythologies. It is common that most rulers were either seen as a god or a demigod.

I would also go back to the quantum physics discussions between Bohr and Einstein and spoil
everything for fun. I would not be able to write my name in the book of history under any circumstances, since I am a woman.

Speaking of being a woman, I would give all I have to see women all over the globe who light
our way for us to represent ourselves as women such as Mary Curie. Paying Cleopatra a visit would
be enjoyable for example, but I would get back immidiately to still be alive. The situation with Marie
Antoinette is quite similar. I prefer my head on my shoulders.

In conclusion, I would not stand still if I had a time machine. I would experience the whole
world, the past, the present and the future.

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