Time Traveler

And the day is come, she is there with a warm smile in her face. She is wavering her hand to the crowd. Everyone tries to see she and her family. I am so excited to see her. Of course, everyone is quite excited but for me its more than normal. To feel that I succussed it, my dreams. I saw Elizabeth the second. One of the most popular and long reigned lead of the world. I know that because I came from future. My only goal in my entire life was saw her and now I am here.


5 days ago

“Why not?” I said angrily. My whole friend against me about this topic. They say I am crazy and obsessively about this. “Now I have change to do my only goal, and you are saying that it dangerous!” I said when I was yelling and pacing in the room. My childhood friend Maria get close to me for tries to calm down me “I can understand you Hayley, but you need to understand us too. We are thinking for you.” Said to explain their purpose. My genius friend who invents the time machine and give opportunity me to realizing my dreams “I can’t promise to it will not cause any problem in your life or you will not struggle any problem in that time but basically I did for you so I think you need to go immediately” His support made me more relaxed. “I accept all the side effect of it, I am ready.” I said. I was determined about this. I don’t know why or how but I have an interest and respect for Elizabeth the second.


“Are you ready?” said Jones. “Yes” I said with exited voice. “Don’t forget Hayley you have three hours” said maria remanded me. I nod my head and close and open my eyes to thank her. “Don’t forget you cannot say anyone that you are a time traveler.” Jones says quickly. “Okay, Jones I get it” I said. I was start to get angry because I was very excited and I want to go there quickly. “1-2-3….” Says Jones and that was the last thing I heard.


I open my eyes in a phone box. The moment I understand its work, I was just crying. I hardly stopped myself and walk out of the box. In the first grocery I saw, in the newspaper I looked the date it was 1 June. The day before Elizabeth seconds coronation ceremony day.  I become so exciting. I start to walk in the street. Just walk and see how beautiful the England was in those days.

And when the legendary day come, I see my idol. An remembered the time came to go back to home. I go back to phone box. It was perfect experience to do travel

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