Timeless Leader

Time, the most unresolved phenomenon in the universe ever, and what I mean by saying ”in the universe” is not an exaggeration at all. As we all know, time is a relative concept that changes from the way you look at it. Humanity has been trying to interpret this complex notion since the beginning of life, however, it is still hard to say that we came a long way yet. That’s why I always felt lucky in my life to have something that no one besides me can have, a time machine.

How and when did I get it? It’s a secret I never tell. Well maybe if the story wouldn’t be that complicated and takes ages to tell, I would. Unfortunately, I have to keep that part to myself for now. The realization of the fact that I didn’t use it for years made me want to try something different that I have never tried on before. I was always scared to use that machine due to the power it holds. Finally, I felt like it was the time to use that privilege of mine. I didn’t know where to use it at first though. I asked myself the most cliche question ever; Who would I want to meet from history if I had the chance? Immediately one name appeared on my mind. Atatürk, also known as Father of The Turks. Even the thought of hearing his voice gave me goosebumps. Being able to see the person I admire and love the most… I still can’t describe the excitement I felt. I wonder why couldn’t I think about it before though.

My nervousness followed by my chary, little steps created a shaky and almost coward look on me. By looking at all the feelings I had at that time, it is not hard to understand why I looked like that. When I finally reached the time machine, I held my breath and closed my eyes. Then I rattle the words off;
” October 29th, 1923, Ankara ”
After a seductive feeling which I can’t describe, I finally dared to open my eyes. People everywhere, sounds of the birds, cold… I thought to myself how the gloomy grey sky of Ankara is still the same. I have always found this city boring to be honest, although there was something different that happened on that day in this boring city, something that will change the fate of a huge nation, something that people will always remember and celebrate even after hundreds of years. I kept walking to the crowd with the sounds inside my head until my thoughts were interrupted by a sharp voice;

” Sovereignty rests unconditionally with the nation! The Turkish Republic will be happy, successful, and victorious! ”

Long live the republic! Long live Mustafa Kemal Pasha! People were yelling their love to their father in unison, effusively. I moved on a little more until I saw the pair of eyes as deep as the ocean with a determined smile. I couldn’t stop my tears to fall, but I was happy. I was happy and proud to see the biggest and timeless leader in the whole world ever by myself but even more important, I saw that, that no matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the conditions, Mustafa Kemal will always be in our hearts and we will keep his thoughts alive with protecting our republic. At that time, I fully understood the quote of Mustafa Kemal;

”One day my mortal body will turn to dust, but the Turkish Republic will stand forever ”

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