Titanic Film Review


Have you ever watched a romance movie that made you cry your eyes out and want to fall in love? Then put this movie which tells the tragic love story of Jake and Rose to your must-see list.

Titanic which is directed by James Cameron in 1997 is inspired by the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 although the main characters Jake and Rose are not real. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet personated Jake and Rose and they did a great job. The movie was nominated for many awards and won most of them. In 1912 poor and young boy Jake boards to fabulous, glaring Titanic to travel from London to New York. He meets wealthy and charming Rose and falls in love with her. Classic yet alluring love at first sight. Nevertheless, their happiness only lasts for a few days and the ship hits an iceberg.

This movie would be a great choice if you are ready for a good crying session and a heartbreaking romance. Titanic has the best cast and they are all so talented that I cried during the whole movie. I would definitely recommend this movie as it’s a classic and worth seeing if you are a big romantic tragedy fan.

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