I have received a large amount of money. Now, my target is to be the number 1 Hazelnut Producer of Turkey. I want to explain why my target is like that?

My grandmother is from the Black Sea,Ünye, Ordu. Therefore, my family has been dealing with hazelnut production for years.

Although the Black Sea climate conditions are very challenging in terms of hazelnut production, it is really valuable that the product comes to your garden at the end of the efforts.

I’ve been watching my family for years. And, I think we can get more hazelnuts when we invest more. Finally, we may become the number 1 Hazelnut Producer.

For this reason, I decided to spend this big money to increase hazelnut production.

Firstly, Land and soil preparation must be done very carefully before planting the hazelnut, which has a very long economic life. It is possible to establish a hazelnut garden on the lands on which one-year plants are grown, as well as in the form of renewing the old and aged hazelnut orchards in the fields where perennial plants are grown.

My family has been planting a quarry in hazelnut production for years.

Hazelnut cultivation is generally carried out according to the quarry planting system. This system is the traditional planting method applied in the hazelnut production area.

In addition, another planting method, which has been researched for many years in the Hazelnut Research Institute Directorate, is the hedge planting system.

The advantages of the hedge planting system compared to the hearth planting system are as follows;

The advantages of the hedge planting system over the hearth planting system:

In the hedge planting system, one times more efficiency is obtained than in the hearth planting system.

1.5-2 m. for this planting system on sloping lands. wide terraces in the same land for the quarry planting system 3.5-4 m. It is easier and less costly than the construction of wide terraces. Therefore, this planting system comes to the fore in sloping lands.

Operations such as hoeing, pruning, fertilization, struggle and harvesting can be done more easily.

Because of this, Since the fence planting system is more advantageous, I will convert the quarry system to the fence system with the money I have.

Then I will built a very large storage in our garden. Because, It is important to store hazelnuts, which are dried after harvesting and made suitable for moisture preservation conditions.

It is necessary to pay attention to some points in storage, which is especially important for exporting persons and organizations. The place to be used as a warehouse should be cool, dry and ventilated. Under these conditions, hazelnuts can be stored for a maximum of 1 year without spoiling their properties.

After that we will be ready for export.

When we look at the purchases in the last two years, Germany, Italy and France are the leading countries importing from us.

When we look at the countries outside the European Union, countries such as Switzerland, Canada, USA, Ukraine are among the countries that import from us, although not as much as the countries in the European Union.

In past year, Turkey’s hazelnut exports exceeded 2 billion dollars.

In Turkey, in the 2020-2021 hazelnut export season, generated 2 billion 10 million 787 thousand dollars.

I think this situation will continue to increase with each passing year.

On conclusion, Doesn’t it excite you, too, that I will spend the money I have to increase our hazelnut production and earn more money?

What do you think?

Yağız Anteplioğlu


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