to be young or to be old?

If we were independent of calendars, I would say the difference according to my age. For example, when I wanted to make myself look younger, I would say younger age, and when I wanted to make myself look younger, I would say older age. There is an age limit of 18 to enter some places and sometimes they do not take it because I am under age, but if we were independent of the calendars, I would always say that the places we go are older than my own age and I would have the chance to enter everywhere. I think people become more mature at a younger age than older because as they get older, people’s respect for each other, their behavior changes a lot, and that’s why people can always stay at a younger age, but as I said, sometimes it’s the opposite. People want to be older. For example, in the past, people were very happy that they would turn 18, but now it is seen that young people are more unhappy as they get older, because as we get older, the burden increases, when we go to university, we have more course load, we get married because we grow up, and when we get married, it becomes more of a burden on us. I think it is always better to stay young, but some places require an older age to enter. We are happier when we are young, for example, we were just playing games until the evening, then when we started going to school, we started to count numbers, writing, mathematics, chemistry, biology, literature, geography and many other courses. It will be 2-3 times so I don’t want my age to grow up at all.

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