To Interfere Or Not To Interfere?

Should we interfere with countries’ internal affairs if we have the power to do so? Is it ethical? After all, it is a political issue so how ethical can it be? All joking aside, it is a serious issue and some countries have already witnessed the cons and the pros of interfering. Wealthy countries that are interfering of course love it. There’s no problem for them but not so wealthy countries that are having wealthy and powerful countries interfere with them are not really fond of it. Powerless countries can not deal with powerful countries interfering with them let alone themselves interfering with other countries. So interfering is basically another way of saying powerful ones rule out the weak ones even when it consists of millions of lives who are living under those countries.

I would like to draw attention to the meaning of the word interfere in the Cambridge Dictionary:” to involve yourself in a situation when your involvement is not wanted or is not helpful.” As you can see your involvement is not wanted. As far as I am concerned a country is more than able to get help in a situation when they think things are tight and out of their control. I mean it is their “internal” affairs. Who are we to interfere? And mostly interfering benefits those who are interfering since it is a sneaky way to have control in another country’s internal affairs and it is not helpful. If it was helpful we would have called it intervene not interfere. 

If we come to the point where power steps in. It is a whole another subject. Power has always been beloved to humans and countries. Even when it can be harmful. Think power as nuclear energy: Little actions can cause detrimental outcomes. It benefits us, as long as it is managed right. Power is a hard thing to deal with.  And if you’d ask me, even in some powerful countries power is in the wrong hands. Usage of power in a way that only benefits yourself might be okay unless it is affecting the lives of thousands maybe millions of people who have got nothing to do with the decisions made by politicians they do not even know.

To sum up, the policy is a strange thing. I think it is basically a bunch of arrogant men who are trying to prove they

are better than everyone when they are all the same. Thank god we started to have more women in the policy. Back to my point, I think interfering is a show of strength. Powerful countries have no problem so they find the need to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs. We definitely shouldn’t interfere. UN doesn’t approve of it and it is not ethical in any way. Will all of these sayings stop the powerful countries to interfere? I guess we won’t know until they stick their noses into things that are not their concern again.

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