To My Future Best Friend


Hi My dear child

Sorry if it is too formal as a start, but I know you would not mind it since you know me very well and you probably know that I am not a formal person (usually) but of course if it is needed I can be. At least I have that behaviour at the age of 15. You must be 15 right now, I wonder if you look like me or you have my personality or not. I would really want you to be similar to me so we can have a friendship kinda relationship but do not forget I would love you no matter who you are and who you are like. Besides my wishes, I hope you are really good and doing well. I promise not to pressure you too much on things and affect your mental health in a bad way. If things do not go well, do not worry about that okay? Even your mom ( and that is me ) had bad times at your age. I struggled with some things but I fixed it or I am still trying so it will pass. Feel free to always talk with me. I have some name options for you but I am not planning to share them with you so if your name is different from them you do not get upset.

Is there anyone you love? What is your favourite subject? Who is your best friend? Most importantly love yourself first. You are worth it and you are definitely my precious baby and I will always protect you. I know things do not always go well but do not try to be upset. You are still too young so have fun as you wish! I and your dad ( which I have not met yet ) will try our best to make you happy. What makes you happy also makes me happy!

Lastly, try to be a nice person okay? I will raise you as a good person but I want you to work for it too. Love, laugh, read, do the things you love, care for your health. I already know you would be smart and beautiful because of your genes but always try to improve yourself, my smart sweetheart.

Lots of love, Mom

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