My Dear Future Child,
I m wrote this Letter when i was 13
I don’t know you are a girl or a boy. Maybe I have one girl and one boy etc. I gave this letter when you are 13 because I think that you can understand me better at this age. First, i know its a little bit hard and difficult age because you became 8th grade, the lessons are gonna be hard. Maybe you have lots of exams. For example, in my age I don’t know you have or not, there was LGS exam which means high school entrance exam. It’s a bit difficult then mock exam, we worked really hard. Sometimes we didn’t do holidays. But finally we did it.  So if there is LGS in your day too, don’t stress out, just study for your lessons and  try your best. And the biggest problem is, actually it’s not that big, but it’s hard for your family and friendship and for yourself; it’s maturity. It can effect your daily life your dialogues, the way you look or think. In that time, your body will change. Maybe you feel uncomfortable about your face, body or your acne etc. Do not forget these things are not permanent, this can end when you are 18. Okay, I know it’s a long time. Maybe you can cut  fringe because of your acne (like I did) 🙂
Maybe some people can make fun of it and make you cry whole night  (like I did) or  I think  sometimes at home you can shout at us. We can understand you. Because when we were teenager, we did it too. I know it’s not that good but you know it can effect your emotionally too. But I think the best part of maturity is going shoping because when you become teenager, your style will change. Like, first, you will like casual clothes and maybe a few months later you can like fancy or more glamorous things.So to sum up, becoming a teenager is not easy but you can do it.
Love youuuu <3

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