To the Stars

These days every school is working with the same system “memorization”. In your school you have history classes and you just learn, you can not create new things you just learn what is there. Unlike other lessons such as math they give you problem and they teach you how to solve the problem that is all, the rest is yours. Why is this happening? Why memorization is that active in general education systems?

Well, actually it does not have to be like this. There are some people that tries to solve this system such as “Elon Musk”. What he did? You might be asking. He opened a new school with modern techniques. This school named “Ad Astra” helps students to be a part of a possible educational revolution. Also there is no qualification system. Because Elon thinks: “Indeed, there are no qualifications, instead of treating the school as an assembly line, I think it makes more sense to attend to education to match your skills and student abilities,” As he said, he believes that students should be challenged in their area of interests.
Unfortunately, this school is not for everyone, there are few people that can go to this school. It is very private that there is not even a website of the school. (There is a website but it is just for the employees and students of the organization.) If you want to contact to some official or someone like that you have to visit the SpaceX facility at California. So what can I do to be a part of the school? Actually you can. School was for SpaceX workers children but this changed, now it is open for every children. You should just take the acceptance test that does not tests someone’s math or chemistry knowledge it tests a students skill of solving problems etc. and a additional 30,000 US Dollars.

When we say “Elon Musk” everyone thinks of space ships crayz robots and stuff. But the school is not that technology targeted, yes of course it does support and use modern educational devices but doesn’t center them.

If you trust your skills and you have 30 thousand dollars and money for a plane ticket, you might give it a try.

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