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To “When” Would You Like To Go?

Time travelling, which is such an amazing and mindblowing concept, has been the star of the show since it was first mentioned. The main reason with this is being able to witness the history which couldn’t be told in words. Some peaople however, would prefer to visit the future. Between these options what would I prefer? Or should I say “when” would I prefer?

First, when time travelling, people must know that there are some rules which you wouldn’t want to break unless you want to cause a paradox which would lead to the collapse of a certain timeline. The most important one is to exist like if you were a ghost. By using this term, I mean that you must not interact with anything in any manners. This is because the butterfly effect, the teory which suggests changing something even in moleculer levels could get bigger like an avalance and cause disasters.

Some people would want to go to the future. However, I wouldn’t call going forth into the future a well choice. Because learning about the future could be extremely disappointing. Especialy when crossed with your failed version or an end of the World scenerio. So not giving spoilers for yourself is a better choice.

Considering the rules of time travel, the number one timeline that I would like to be in would be 1939-1945 period, the World War 2. World War 2 was a disaster for millions yet so amazing. And what makes it amazing is the things you can learn from it. As I said, you can’t change anything about past. Because of that, the best is learning from it rather than crying and grieving about it. If we interiorize this idea and look from a learners perspective, World War 2 contains colossal information about war and politics. The blooded war, cold war and even the battle of minds between Stalin and Hitler. America’s slaughter of Japanese people and the things which Jews have gone through. It would be a one of its kind of experience. Having such and opportunity and wasting it on another timeline is definetely not for me.

In brief, learning the truths of the history is the best thing I could do with a time machine. Unfortunetely , in present day there are no such a technology and all of these are a dream. But maybe in the close future time travel will be possible and it will reveal the secrets of almighty time.

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