Years ago people could understand that when the wallet comes thinner people were deciding that they should stay at home. When you wanted to buy something, you had to go to the market. So do you think it will be like this in the future?

Life means change. The biggest example is the thing that we are living more than 2 years is coronavirus. With the coronavirus, we all adapted to get our work done at home. First 2-3 months quarantine was becoming unbearable for us but today it changed. For example too many people are doing their jobs online, students can study online during quarantine or people can buy their needs from online shopping.

Money is changing too. With the Lydians, humanity first meet with money and finance. After the 7. Century (B.C.) people started to trade with each other. The first coin was flattened pure gold. After centuries, gold gave way to paper money which we are using in daily life. In these years, we are likely to hear that the money of the future will be cryptocurrencies. Actually we can not say that it is wrong but most of the people are standing to not believe in cryptocurrencies. 

A crypto-currency is designed to work as medium of exchange through a network that is not reliant on any central authority, such as a government or bank, to uphold or maintain it. First crypto was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto (Internet nickname, unknown real name) in 2009 which is Bitcoin we all familiar with.

After years crypto will be our main money which we shopped with. Today too many people do not believe in crypto but in future they must believe because humanity will change their money currency form paper to crypto. It is unavoidable…

In short crypto started to be main money whole over the world since 2009. It is developing. It will be the only thing that we are shopping with and we can not stop it. Because everything has changing such as money or meetings. So it is UNAVOİDABLE.

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