Believe concept of lie on dark background and belief. Lies or trust. Realistic 3D render.

Tolerating Lies to Make Your Life Harder

What was the latest thing you tolerated? I bet you cannot even remember.  The reason is, we tolerate everything hoping that it would not change anything in our lives. Sometimes it does not but when it does, it hurts you. I personally wouldn’t judge you if you tolerate anything, except lies. Let me explain. You cannot tolerate lies because that thing is what shapes your life.


Every day, every day that you are alive, people lie to you. Sometimes once or twice, sometimes dozens and if you tolerate them, who knows how your life will be. I will give you an example of the lies you tolerate. The simplest example can be when your kid says that they did not play video games. You know that is a lie because their cheeks got red. You act like you believe in them and a few months later, your kid turns into a video game addict.


Another example can be when your teacher says to you that you are the best student in the class. It is clear that you are not because there are some other classmates of yours who get higher scores than you. You just want to believe in what your teacher told you so you tolerate the lie. And when you tolerate, your scores fall instantly. Why? Because you believed that because you are the best student and you can get high marks without studying. The point is when you tolerate a lie, you think of that lie if it is the truth


As a result. Your life shapes around the lies you tolerate. By tolerating lies you may think that you are doing a good thing but in reality, you are just ruining your entire life. You can tolerate anything except lies. Because that is what makes your life hard in an unthinkable way.

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