Life is too short to tolerate everything. You shoul tahe a deep breath and stay a unstressful person on your life. These tolerates can affacts every thing in your life. it beggins to stress. Than somr helth problems and the other things that include to tolerate.

The toloration is not a bad thing as some professor or doctors says. İn your daily life you should tolerate some things that affacts your family or friends like the peoples that you love. But the other way you shouldnt tolerate things that you do not like or make you sad. İf you tolerate things that make you sad it make really  hard tol ive in this World. I think you will “what is this World?” or “which World?” ı can answer these. Let me. This is the World that you  make it for you. With hapinnes or the seddneses. Every thing inside it. İf you cant added happynes you cant be happy. Or if you put more stress you will be moew stressful preson en your World. You should make easier to you. Like  when you get stressfüed about something you will take a deep breth in your worl. But not all the time. You cant tolerate all the things . it wil be so hord to do it. İt can make really bad affacts tou your heth or to your body or psychology maybe to your mental health

Toleration is so hard thing to do. You shoul tolerate somethings in your life but it is make stress and you will be a stressful person. We just talk about it. Bu there is one more affact too. You would be make  the persons who is all around you. it’s just an event that goes like a chain operation. Tolerating certain things is tiring and upsetting. so avoid it as much as you can.

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